Provider of counseling services in Northwest Indiana




providing support and guidance to clients and their families for over 15 years

Welcome to counseling! 

It is my intention to create safe spaces for adult, children, adolescent, couples, and family counseling, encouraging clients to express themselves, problem-solve, develop healthy coping skills, learn communication skills, and move into deeper relationship with themselves and others.  

My path to counseling began when I went away to college at Purdue University in West Lafayette, after growing up in Michigan City.  I was fortunate to meet a kind and wise therapist while earning my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and he started me on my path not only to being a counselor, but to introspection on my own healing and growth.  After graduation I sought out several other teachers from lineages such as Buddhist Meditation, Qigong Therapy, Yoga, Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Tai Chi, and Shamanism.  These teachers and their lineages brought a deepening to my personal healing journey. 

I worked as a Case Manager for several years with Developmentally Disabled children and adults, with children and adults at a community counseling center, and with the elderly in a nursing home. Four years following my graduation from Purdue with my Bachelor's Degree I entered the Master's Program in Mental Health Counseling.  After earning my Master's Degree I worked as a Therapist for Children and Adolescents, and then was offered a position as Executive Director of a residential treatment center for adolescents boys.  While working as Director I created several programs including a running and talk therapy group, art therapy group, and opened a treatment unit for girls.  

After my run as an Executive Director I began my private practice in Lafayette, IN.  Throughout the previous 10 years I had continued training in healing modalities such as Qigong, meditation, shamanism, and a two year training in Hakomi Body-Centered  Psychotherapy.  I also started a meditation group and led multiple meditation and mindfulness workshops throughout Indiana and up into Michigan.  I had a thriving private practice in Lafayette for over 5 years.  During that time I also provided counseling and mindfulness group programs to inmates in several county jails and court-ordered community corrections clients throughout West Central Indiana.

In 2013 my family and I moved to back up to the region to be close to family.  We relocated to Miller Beach, and I started working on building a private practice up in NWI.  

In 2015 I received an inquiry about bringing my mindfulness and mental health experience to the Lake County jail.  Sensing another opportunity to serve a population in much need of mental health support, I started at Lake County Jail as a therapist in June 2015.  In March 2016 I became Clinical Director, and in June 2016 I became Mental Health Director.  I left Lake County Jail in 2017 to focus on my private practice full time.  My office is located in downtown Chesterton, and I also conduct meditation and mindfulness workshops throughout the area.

In my practice with individual clients or in my group workshops I use all of the various techniques from multiple traditions to best aide in the growth of my clients.  I let my clients lead and I work to support their growth to the best of my abilities.  I continue to learn from my own explorations and love to share what I learn with others as they travel on their path.