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I have conducted workshops on mindfulness, meditation, stress relief, and other topics throughout Indiana, Chicago, and Southern Michigan.  These workshops provide a relaxing setting to hear about practices to incorporate into your daily life.  

A typical workshop is around 2 hours in length.  During this time I will share history and experiences with the topic, give instruction on a specific practice, and then spend time guiding the group through the practice on their own.   Questions, examples from the group of their own experiences or reasons why the topic would be useful to them are always welcome.  Attendees leave the workshops feeling relaxed and encouraged with new knowledge and practice they can include in their daily life to help cope with the stressors that come our way.

Workshops have been conducted in yoga studios, workplaces big and small, residences, and my private practice office.  They can be one day, or can be a series that lasts over several weeks.  Click below if you'd like information about attending an upcoming workshop or hosting a workshop of your own.

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